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Glow Beads


Kataline Glow Beads are solid, spherical glass beads for use with thermoplastic road marking materials and traffic paints Imported from the best in the world


The Glow Beads have a minimum of 80 percent true spheres

Refractive Index:

The Glow Beads have a minimum refractive index of 1.50

Free Flowing Properties:

The Glow Beads are free of hard lumps and clusters and dispense readily under any conditions suitable for paint striping. They pass the free flow-test


The Glow Beads are coated with moisture proof coating


Provides a very strong film for Bonding between concrete surface and the over coat of thermoplastic material

Gradation of Glow Beads:
Sieve Size Percent Retained
850 micron 0 to 5
600 micron 5 to 20
300 micron 30 to 75
180 micron 10 to 30
Below 180 micron 0 to 15


25 Kg


International Specifications:

BS-6088 Type II